Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Know what I love most about my year-long blog adventure?  It's forcing me to at least once a week try something new.  Even if it is something that I don't like, at least I'm making efforts to spice up my life and make it just a little more interesting!  There is nothing better than living life in an exciting, enriched way.  The things I have done so far this year may not seem like much, but even the smallest changes have made me so excited about my life!  Its even better when I have a blog and people to share this excitement with.

Well, my challenge for last week was to "order food I had never tried before."  This didn't seem too difficult, as I am always pretty adventurous with my dining (minus really spicy food and odd body parts of animals.)  Also, I knew that I was going on a date to a new restaurant I had never been to before.  Remember the date-ditcher from blog post #1?  Yes, the one that cancelled on me an hour before.  He asked me out again, and because I believe in second chances, I gave him another shot.  Best decision I could have made, not only because he is a great guy, but the food we ate that night was beyond blog-worthy!

He took me to a place called Blue Koi.  He asked me what my favorite food was, and since it's Chinese he suggested this restaurant.  It was great!  To begin with, I'm a sucker for a man who knows how to order food, but he blew me away!  He offered friendly suggestions of appetizers, fun bubble tea drinks, and even offered to split two different entrees so I could try them both. 

Here is what we ordered (all of which were new experiences for me):

Bubble Teas

Crispy Tofu with Awesome Sauce (which is truly AWESOME)

Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

Firebird Chicken--it was sooo spicy, but so good!

Blue Koi didn't have the duck entree that we ordered on their website, so to follow suit, here is a picture of a duck.  Hey, I'm sure the duck we ate looked like this at some point in his life...

All of these new foods were sooo yummy!  They even made great leftovers...twice.  I would really like to continue my adventurous spirit throughout the year and order new things, even at places I eat at regularly. 


I'm giving myself four stars for my week of ordering new food!  I would give myself five, but my report out is way late so that resulted in a one-star deduction.  Thank you date-ditcher-turned-out-great-guy for an awesome new dining experience! 

This week, the theme of my life comes from Kathleen's "Pointers for Purposeful Change," and I am going to spend time with the people who make me laugh.  I am very excited for what I will be doing in my next post. 

Thanks for reading this week, and here is my song of the week:

"Snails" by The Format