Monday, January 16, 2012

Holding Myself Accountable: A Week of No Complaining

Well, this week was a learning week.  The task I set before myself was to go a week without complaining, and that was not as easy as I was expecting.

It's funny how setting goals for yourself and monitoring the actions you take can really make you aware of your faults  more interesting traits.  I've always deemed myself as an optimist, one who truly believes that complaining doesn't accomplish anything so why do it?  Turns out I'm more of a whiner than I ever imagined.  Not to mention the things I choose to whine about are just plain silly!  This will definitely be a work in progress, as it is something I would like to improve.  I would like to challenge you to pick a personality trait that you have that maybe you aren't the most proud of--spend a week monitoring yourself and try to make a difference!  It's very rewarding.

Okay, so before I reveal my goal for next week I would like to implement a new idea into Just My Type.  At the end of each week, as I blog about my successes and challenges, I am going to rate myself on how well I did.  One, this will help track my progress, and two, will help me hold myself accountable for my actions.

This week I am giving myself:
Two stars.  Why only two you ask?  Well, I do believe I made a genuine effort to decrease my complaining, but I can do much better.  "And a wish," you ask? Well thank you Google Image Search for giving me this picture, because it has to do with my post for next week!

My challenge for next week is from Kathleen's "Adding Joy to Life."  I am going to make a wish list!  I haven't decided yet if it is going to be a wishlist for 2012, for my life, or maybe it will be what I want my future husband to be like.  We'll see what this week holds for me.  Until then, thanks for reading and I will leave you with a song of the week that I have personally been playing on repeat this week.

"Beautiful Mess" by Jason Mraz

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  1. It's tough not to complain, especially when you suddenly try not to do it. Maybe next time you should just try to go one day ;)